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July 08 2014


Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Development Accra: Jobs for Finance Officer

About the Job

A Human Resource company is seeking to hire a Finance officer to assist in the proper administration and management of the company’s finances and day-to-day operations, with a focus on reducing the cost of doing business and increasing profit margins. The key focus of this role will be administration and finance, and will grow into a core finance role.


Finance & HR

·       Process the Axis payroll and submit financial documents or vendor payments as needed (VAT, SSNIT, IRS, advertising payments etc.)

·       Prepare invoices and manage revenue collection from clients

·       Pick up cheques from clients and submit payments

·       Generate monthly Financial Reports to show Axis’s cash flow status

·       Assist the CEO in identifying financial trends, forecasting and budgeting

·       Manage the procurement process and Petty Cash

·       Ensure that all accounts receivable and payable issues are resolved on time (prepare invoices and manage revenue collection from clients)

·       Proactively identify tools, procedures and other measures that will reduce cost, increase effectiveness and grow Axis


·       Follow up on new inquiries and forward necessary documents and information to new clients (both jobseekers and employers).

·       Procure items needed and ensure adequate levels of supplies are maintained

·       Help to gather data (generation of internal and external metrics) and produce reports using data to provide a full picture of Axis operations, SWOT and other information that can be used in strategic and business planning

·       Assist managers in conducting research and gathering information for both in-house and client projects

·       Assist in the recruitment and selection process as and when needed


·       Ability to multi-task and play multiple roles

·       Strong reporting skills

·       A strong work ethic and excellent time management skills

·       Loyalty and ability to keep information in confidence is crucial

·       A proactive and initiative-taking attitude and approach to business

·       Strategic and analytical business thinking – an entrepreneurial mindset

·       An understanding of payroll processing requirements in Ghana is key

·       Excellent presentation and communication skills

·       An understanding of the start-up corporate context(its challenges and benefits), and a willingness to grow with the company


·       At least a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. A concentration in Accounting & Finance is preferred.

·       Extensive knowledge of, and experience in the use of financial management software (Excel, Quickbooks)

·       Proficiency in the use of  MS Office applications and in Internet research

·       Knowledge of, and experience in usage of any HRIS is a plus

·       A valid driver’s license

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