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Jobs for IT Manager of Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment

About the Job

A multinational Financial Services company with branches in South Africa and London is looking to hire an IT Manager for their Ghana office. The successful candidate will be offered a six (6) month renewable contract and will be responsible for delivery of a variety of IT services to support business objectives and will be accountable for achieving results through others.

Summary of Responsibilities

· Responsible for the financial management of the area, including budget and expense monitoring.

· Oversees the functional unit and is accountable for the efficient operation of the area.

· Provides thought leadership (operational and tactical focus) for IT resources.

· Ensures continuous service and systems security.

· Responsible for aligning technology and technology support to business needs.

· Responsible for infrastructure management in area of responsibility

· Individually accountable for customer/client service delivery through efforts of a team

· Accountable for others' time, task and output quality,

· Balances own priorities with directing and motivating others.

· Plans and assigns work over the applicable period.

· Guides and directs staff to achieve operational excellence standards.

· Creates a climate for optimal performance.

· Manages team and staff performance.

· Selects potential staff to sustain customer/client service delivery.

· Provides consultancy services where required.

Key Requirements

· A tertiary qualification in Information Technology

· At least 7 yrs working experience working with Information Systems

· At least a minimum of 2 years managing an IT function.

· Working knowledge of Financial & Project management

· Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


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